• Facilitate previewing of all retrieved files prior to restoration
  • Constitutes a quick and simple recovery process
  • Supports recovery on Lexar USB and memory cards without any hurdles
  • Restore PNG, GIF, JPEG, PSD pictures from Lexar drive
  • Proficient Lexar Image Rescue software to restore files lost or deleted from Lexar drives


Most of the people will be familiar with Lexar products. Lexar is being famous and well known for its USB, memory cards and memory card products. They produce USB and memory cards of different sizes and exterior design to meet the various needs of users. Lexar pen drives and memory cards are used to store media files on cameras and computers. Professional photographers use these memory cards to capture and store high resolution pictures on their cameras.

Consider an event wherein you used a Lexar memory card in your camera and clicked an enormous amount of pictures of your trip that you were been with your family. You just relaxed after returning home for a while and after that thought of transferring the pictures to your laptop. As you switched on your laptop and plug in your memory card and started copying the files, say as your bad luck the transfer was interrupted by a power failure. After the power was resumed when you switched on the system you found all your images missing from both system and the memory card. What can be your situation at this moment? You will be shocked of losing your valuable files. Want a remedy for this? Read through this page and get to know the method to retrieve photos back with the use of Lexar Image Rescue tool.

Lexar Image rescue can solve all your problems of data loss and retrieve photos lost or deleted from your Lexar USB or memory cards. This software is in high demand in the present IT Market due to its best industry reviews.

Prominent features of Lexar Image Rescue:

Lexar Image Rescue is built by a group of professionals with a powerful algorithm that can scan and find the selected drive for your file and extract them back to you. They have numerous features of Lexar Image Rescue utility that can assist you in the process of Lexar image recovery.

In which systems can you install this software?

This software can run on Windows and Mac system of all latest systems. You just need to download the software from this page into your computer with these operating systems and perform the easy install and launch it and carry on with the Lexar image recovery. To carry out Lexar image rescue for Windows 7 visit this page. The supported versions are Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008, Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard

Which storage drives does this software support?

Lexar Image Rescue supports all the products of Lexar. The most popular products are pen drives and memory cards of all types. These products provide a high data storage capacities. They can be useful for taking the backup of all important files and transferring files from one system to another. While reading this, a question like can you recover pictures from memory card may arise in your mind. Yes, this Lexar image recovery software can be used to restore all the lost or deleted images from your Lexar memory card.

Data loss scenarios wherein you can use this tool for recovery:

On a day to day basis you come across different scenarios that lead to loss o photos from your Lexar memory drives. You may commit mistakes like accidentally press on format and delete button which leads to huge loss of data from your drives. In such case you might have a question how to recover pictures from formatted Lexar SD card? Check out the mentioned link to get the answer regarding Lexar photo recovery on formatted SD card. Other case of data loss might be a malware attack, errors during transfer, clicking photos in low battery, power shutdown etc. In all these cases this tool is helpful for performing Lexar photo recovery.

Images deleted after Shift+Del can be recovered from different Lexar cards such as SD, xD, SDHC, MMC, and memory stick in hassle free manner. The images that are restored by this software can be saved on different storage devices (like system internal hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive, SSD drive, etc.). One of the other benefits of utilizing this application is that it allows you to preview photos before saving them on intended drive.

Does this software recover Lexar Jumpdrive?

This might be crawling in some of your minds. This software is fully equipped with all advanced features to assist recovery with the recovery of all Lexar products. It might be a pen drive, memory card, hard drive, iPod etc. It can be installed on your computer and will be capable to recover photos from all these products. Visit http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-jumpdrive.html to restore images lost from your Lexar Jump Drive and get a best Lexar photo recovery results.

Recent Updates:

Recover Files from RAW SD Card: Lexar Image Rescue is a good choice if you want to recover files from RAW SD card because, this software has an ability to get back all the files from a corrupted/RAW SD card on both Windows and Mac OS based computers. 

Recover Images from Formatted Pen Drive: If you have accidentally formatted your pen drive and lost photos stored onto it, then no need to worry as here is one of the best software named as Lexar Images Rescue to recover photos from formatted pen drive. For further details on image recovery from formatted pen drive, visit: www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-formatted-pen-drive.html

Recover MP4 Files from Memory Card: MP4 files stored in memory card can be lost due to various reasons. Do you want to know how the lost MP4 files can be easily recovered? To know the simple method, refer the following link: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/mp4-files.html

Lexar Micro SD Card Recovery: If you have deleted your important media files from your Lexar microSD card, then need not worry as now it can be easily recovered using Lexar image rescue application. For more details, visit here: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/micro-sd-card-recovery.html

Lexar Media Recovery Software for Mac: If you lost or accidentally deleted any of your media files from Lexar device on Mac computer, then utilize this effective Lexar Image Rescue software and easily get back all your files with utmost ease. To know more about this Lexar media recovery software for Mac, visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/media-software-for-mac.html

Recovering Pictures from External Hard Drive: Picture may go missing or get deleted from external hard drive due to various reasons. If you encounter with any picture deletion scenario, then by using this advanced Lexar Image Rescue software you can easily recover pictures from external hard drive. For more info, visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recovering-pictures-from-external-hard-drive.html

Image Rescue Nikon: Have you lost or deleted all your images from your Nikon camera? This Image Recovery Software can help you to rescue Lexar images from Nikon camera in a very efficient way. For more details visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/nikon.html

Recover Images from Canon Camera: Do you want to know how to recover images from Canon camera? If yes, then you can use Image Recovery software to get back images from camera in simple way. For more info about the recovery process of images from Canon camera, visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-from-canon-camera.html

Recover JPEG Files: Are you in search of tool to know how to recover deleted or lost JPEG files? If so, then you can make use of an advanced Image Rescue Software to recover JPEG files in just few mouse clicks. To get more details about JPEG file recovery, visit the given link: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-jpeg-files.html.

Corrupted XD Card Recovery: Deleted or lost data from corrupted XD Card? Don't worry! By using efficient Photo Recovery Software you can easily recover corrupted XD Card data. It is one of the best media recovery software you can make use of to not only recover media files from XD Card but, also from other different storage devices within minutes.

Recover PNG File: PNG is an extensible file format which maintains the original quality of the image even after compression. So, if PNG file gets deleted or lost then with the help of Image Recovery Software you can easily recover PNG files in a short span of time. For more info about PNG file recovery visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-png-file.html.

Recover RAW Images: RAW images are those images that are yet to be processed to view as a picture. If this images got deleted or lost, then you can make use of this Image Recovery Software to recover RAW images in few simple steps. To get more details about RAW image recovery go to: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-raw.html.

How to Remove Pictures from Memory Card? Use reliable and powerful Remo MORE Software to remove images from memory card. By removing unnecessary images from memory card with the help of this software improves speed in data transfer or file searching. Visit this page: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/delete-from-memory-card.html, for more details.

Recover Deleted Photos from Phone: Phone is a communicating device where you can even store images, videos, songs, etc. If the images stored on your phone got deleted, then you need to use Deleted Cell Phone Photo Recovery Software to recover deleted images from your phone. For more info you can visit: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/recover-deleted-photos-from-phone.html.

JPEG Recovery from SD Card: Want to recover deleted or lost JPEG files from Lexar SD card? Then Lexar Image Rescue is the tool that you are going to need. It can perform JPEG recovery in any deletion or loss scenario. For more information visit http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/jpeg-recovery-from-sd-card.html

How to Password Protect iPhone Images?: To password protect your personal images from unauthorized users on iPhone device, use powerful Remo MORE Software. This software easily assign password to one or multiple image albums. This software helps you to achieve privacy to a greater extent.

How to Recover Lexar CF Card? Lexar is an American based manufacturers of storage components, especially flash memory card i.e., CF Card. you can recover Lexar CF Card using an amazing Lexar Card recovery software. With the help of this software, you can recover all your stored data whether deleted or lost from Lexar CF Card.

Lexar Image Rescue for Mac: Lexar Image Recovery Mac tool provides a quick and easy way to rescue lost or deleted images from Lexar memory card and USB Flash drive. It can also rescue images even if you have erased them, reformatted the card, or your card has become corrupted. Check here http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/for-mac.html for more details.

Delete Duplicate pictures in Windows Photo Gallery: If you have accidentally deleted or lost your favourite pictures from Windows Photo Gallery, then make use of the Remo MORE software which will definitely get them back. Visit http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/delete-duplicate-pictures-in-windows-photo-gallery.html for more details.

Restore Corrupted Memory Card of Lexar: Lexar is the most commonly used memory card all around the world. Like all other memory cards, Lexar also doesn’t ensure 100% security on its data. There is a chance to get corrupted and lose the files stored in it. But the lost files can be recovered back by using this software, within few minutes. Go through this page to restore corrupted Lexar memory card: http://www.lexarimagerescue.com/corrupt-memory-card-recovery.html

Recover Lost Photos from Memory Card: Photo Recovery tool is one of the leading photo recovery software to recover lost photos from memory card in digital camera or mobile phone. Photo Recovery tool provides an easy and convenient way to retrieve lost pictures from memory card even when the files are deleted or corrupted.

Image Folder Compression: Image folder can be compressed on your computer for various purposes like reducing folder size, to transfer files at once via internet and so on. Use proper image folder compressor like Remo MORE software and avoid any loss or corruption of data while compressing your image folder.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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